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Intention Setting Workshop - Embrace 2021

Only 12 left!

$70.00 AUD


How do you want to FEEL in 2021?

Our thoughts and energy create our reality. Every thought we have creates an energy flow within our body and our energy manifests our experiences.

If our intentions are not manifesting into our reality it's usually because we're not feeling happy, free and secure in the present, instead of allowing life to unfold before us and trusting it is the grandest of plans, we try and 'make' it happen.

Join me this Australia Day, nourish and harmonise your body, mind and soul with relaxation, asana, pranayama and guided meditation including sankalpa, intention setting practice.We share simple rituals and practices to implement into your daily routine to promote wellness, clarity, abundance, contentment and bliss in 2021.Prioritise your health & well-being this year!

A delicious vegan lunch together to complete the morning

Investment: $70 / $56 Members Special 9:30am - 12:30pm