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Sound Healing Yoga for Harmony

Only 1 left!

$75.00 AUD


A deeply relaxing, healing and nourishing opportunity to experience a fusion of restorative yoga asanas and harmonious sound vibrations of this amazing Singing Ring ®, a perfectly crafted crystal infused metal bowl that produce beautiful harmonic overtones inducing deep relaxation and inner peace. A powerful cleanser of energy, allowing you to release negative, stale energy and recharge with pure clean fresh energy, assisting with reducing stress, anger, insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain.

It produces a Sound of Universal Harmony that penetrates to a cellular level, immediately our brain waves shift to an Alpha state – a deep meditative state.  You will also enjoy the vibration as the singing bowl is placed on your body directly.  A deeply peaceful and relaxing experience that most have never experienced before. A gentle yet powerful natural healing that must be experienced.

Only 6 participants per session to ensure everyone receives group and, at times, one-on-one healing.

A special opportunity not to be missed

Investment is $75 pp

If sold out, keep an eye out for extra sessions coming soon.