New COVID Safe Timetable at our Buderim Studio (Check out or New Rise and Shine Class)




We offer a range of different courses, workshops and events throughout the year, to have fun, make friends, learn something new and deepen your yoga practice. 

Yoga for Beginners

Our six week course will provide you with a great foundation. Wed 6pm and Sat 11am

Yoga Nidra 

A deep relaxation technique, deepens your sense of inner peace and calm

The Chakra System

A series of 8 events to teach you poses that strengthen your individual chakras.

Creative Workshops 

Brings yoga and other creative arts together, colour, beauty, relax and learn something new


Yoga and meditation immersions dive deep, free your mind and prepare to shine.

Half Day Retreats

Treat yourself to the ultimate getaway.  Connect, grow and practice your yoga skills.

International Yoga Day 

Celebrate this annual event, yoga in the park in 2020 and something new in 2021

Member Exclusive

A special range of events only for our lotus and namaste members.

Market Days 

Brings together organic and yoga inspired products for you to explore.

Beach Walks  

Bring along your pooch and enjoy a relaxing stroll along viewing the natural beauty. 

Full Moon Mayhem 

Drawing from the energy of the moon, these events will align your energy with nature.

Yoga Philosophies  

A series of events that build your understanding of the teachings behind yoga. 

Sound Healing Yoga for Harmony

January 2021

Intention Setting Workshop

January 2021

International Yoga Day

June 2020

Mandala Magic

July 2020

The Muladhara or Root Chakra

September 2020

Yoga Nidra

August, November, December 2020

The Svadisthana Chakra

October 2020

The Manipura Chakra

November 2020