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At Revolution Yoga, we bring the benefits of yoga to you. We’re a mobile yoga service offering yoga to corporate and community groups.


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Revolution Yoga was born from a belief that a yoga practice at the office can change the way we work for the better. Today the Revolution Yoga vision for healthier, happier, high functioning workplaces is becoming a reality, one revolutionary workplace at a time.

Our team share is a vision of sharing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness practices to the working communities of the Sunshine Coast and beyond. When you’re looking for a new way to find relaxation and to help boost your health in a number of ways, yoga is the perfect way to do so. Whether you’re working in an office all day or looking for ways to be more flexible, reduce stress and tension, or boost morale, get in touch with Revolution Yoga today to book your session.


Revolution Yoga

We all live busy lives. No matter what industry you are in, chances are you could be feeling overworked and stressed. At Revolution Yoga, we want to bring the benefits of yoga to you. We’re a mobile yoga service offering yoga to corporations and private groups at your convenience.

Corporate Yoga.

Our lives are busier and the lines are becoming more blurred as to when our work responsibilities start and end. Taking work home is just the start. Office yoga helps keep your employees fit, healthy and flexible in both body and mind.It reduces stress, improves concentration, greater clarity of mind, improves productivity and promotes better decision making.

Ask us today about our corporate yoga packages and how they can benefit your employees.


Community Yoga.

With an increase in the ageing population across the Sunshine Coast, there is a growing need for better activities for the community to assist with movement and relaxation for all ages. We have custom-designed classes to suit the needs of any age group.

We offer affordable, convenient nourishing yoga sessions for the senior communities, sports teams, schools, birthday or bridal parties, shy newbies and experienced practitioners.


Danielle Angus


Before starting Revolution Yoga, Danielle worked in the corporate world for over a decade. Like many of us Danielle found yoga out of necessity, seeking relief from the stress of a fast-paced life of juggling her career and family. Yoga kept her sane and she found herself wanting to slot in more yoga time to balance out the stress with more peace and bliss. 

As a student and disciple of yoga in Daily Life founder Pramahans Swami Maheshwarananda, Danielle Angus has the experience to tailor yoga, meditation and pranayama classes for all ages and levels and at your convenience. The effects of her practice had significant benefits including greater mental clarity, better sleep, physical fitness and deeper compassion and acceptance of herself and others. This led her to commence a teacher training program with "Yoga in Daily Life", with the aim to deepen her practice and learn techniques to share this beautiful ancient practice with others. Help your residents experience the benefits of yoga in the comfort of your centre.